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Using Polypad: Fractions


This tutorial provides an overview of the Fraction Tiles. Below are the topics covered.

  • Using Fraction Bars
  • Renaming Fraction Bars
  • Mixing Fraction Bars
  • Using Fraction Circles
  • Using Fraction Bars and Fraction Circles on the Balance Scale

Fraction Bars

Change the numerical representation to decimal or percentage in the tile menu or by clicking on the gear under each bar. Use the black handles on the Fraction Bars to change the total number of pieces and the number of colored-in pieces. Split and merge the Fraction Bars in the same manner as Number Tiles.

Renaming Fractions

Select a fraction bar and then click the Rename button to express the same fraction with a different denominator. Fraction Bars can be renamed up to 1/321/32

Mixing Colors

Merge fraction bars of different colors to blend the colors together.

Fraction Circles

Many of the features of Fraction Bars work with the Fraction Circles. The protractor snaps to the center of a fraction circle.

Fractions on the Balance Scale

Fractions work with other tile types on the Balance Scale.

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